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Lessons from My Father:

The Legacy of Pastor S. Joseph

Pastor Susai Joseph was affectionately known in Indian Christian circles as the Father of Mumbai and widely recognized as the Father of the house-church movement in India. 


This orphan, from the streets of Mumbai, was the real “slumdog millionaire” of Mumbai with a staggering spiritual net worth.  His is a legendary spiritual rags-to-riches story. 


What if you can learn some valuable and life-transforming lessons from this stalwart in the faith? In this book, you will meet the man behind the legend, encounter the miracles that he witnessed, see the mission behind his actions and receive the mandate to follow in his steps for the glory of God.


Pastor Joseph went to be with his Maker in June 2021. But his legacy lives on through this book and through the lives of countless people that he inspired.



"Must read!!! Grab your copy now…"

"Lessons from my Father is 'un-put-down-able' and a 'must-read'!"


"All facts, no fiction, no exaggeration. Accurate and truthful to the core.
The inspiration of Ps Victor is sky high and the level of excellence in which he has written this book is unmatched. Cannot recommend more!!!"


"This book will inspire every reader to believe that God can do amazing things in their lives too."


"It was so addictive that my youngest daughter (12 year old) read it in one day and then read it another three times."


"I normally take days or weeks to read a book. This one I completed in 24 hrs.  The author’s style of writing keeps the reader glued to the book."


"The book gives an inside view of his (Pastor Joseph’s) passion for the gospel and his vision to reach out to millions."


"While there are many stories in this book that moved me, after 8 days, the most enduring aspect that I feel imparted with, is God's heart as a father, imparted to Pastor Joseph, and then on to his spiritual son."


"I especially like the smart way for viewing pictures with the qr codes (keeping in mind to save paper), good vocabulary, font, paper, and the cover."


"It painted a good picture of a man sold out for God but human. I wish I had met Pastor Joseph!"


"It has almost made me miss an appointment this morning!!! Glued to the chair and walking the journey with you both as I gobbled up the pages…"


"I think I have never seen or heard of a son-in-law who has so much respect, love, adulation and admiration for his father-in-law! This shone through the book."


"It was wonderful, so well written by Victor. Enjoyed reading every page."


About Victor Nazareth

Victor Nazareth is a pastor, evangelist and pioneer church planter with an Engineering degree from IIT Kharagpur and a Ph.D. from Colorado State University. After a stint in Oman where he worked as a hydrogeologist, he was called along with his wife, Esther, into full-time ministry.  

He has devoted his life to serving God and people in Delhi, India. His ministry experience spans over three decades. Victor worked with his father-in-law, the late Pastor S. Joseph, and was part of the incredible New Life movement that continues to leave an indelible mark on the Christian landscape in the country. 

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